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151 6417 Flurance (aka William) HARRISON
152 Also known as William Flurance Born Goulbourn Street Baptised as Laurence 'Harris', son of James 'Harris' and Catherine Godparents Charles Clarke and Johanna Conroy. Registered Florence Harrison later called himself William Flurance Lived Pedder St Newtown, carter then fireman.

Buried with Frederick William Thorne aged 9 months who died 12 march 1883; also with Thomas and Sussanah Fennell. Thomas Fennell died in hospital May 1920 aged 73; his wife Sussanah (nee Skeggs) died in June 1900. This ccouple wre married on 20 april 1869. 
Flurance (aka William) HARRISON
153 Wes K 1 Flurance (aka William) HARRISON
154 Federation index gives birth as Wells St Sandy Bay. Gilbert Thomas HARRISON
155 ref1467 Gilbert Thomas HARRISON
156 (O) Gladys HARRISON
157 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Glenda Mary HARRISON
158 CE CD 45 Harold James (Joe) HARRISON
159 Born prematurely when his mother fell from a horse Harry Handy (Pat) HARRISON
160 WES G 1 Herbert James HARRISON
161 313 Honora V HARRISON
162 Baptised St Josephs 19 April by Rev Dunne Godparent Mary Hake

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MSTAT: M Reg No. 14726 
163 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Ingrid Siobhan HARRISON
164 10452 James HARRISON, II
165 Baptised St Josephs 23 December by Charles Woods Godparent Honora Foster

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166 RC B 49. James HARRISON
167 --Other Fields
MSTAT: M died at his home 3 Lara St. Howrah 
Keith Herbert Jack HARRISON
168 Bed U E 9 Keith Herbert Jack HARRISON
169 Wall 6 F 15 Lionel Roy HARRISON
170 maybe 13 not 15 Lucy Clarice Mary HARRISON
171 Operated the Lucille Salon,with her aunt Kitty and later ingherited it when her grandmother died in 1937 Lucy Clarice Mary HARRISON
172 Registered by Catherine as Elizabeth Harris on 9 July 1860. Father James, a brewer..b 29 May 1860 Liverpool St.. 2558/1859 RGD 33
Baptised St Josephs 17 June by Charles Woods Godparent Bridget Cahil 
Margaret Ann HARRISON
173 Arrived on St Vincent(2) 4 April 1850. Mary HARRISON
174 CE B 63 Mary HARRISON
175 9488 Mary Ann HARRISON
176 Baptised St Josephs 30 Oct by Charles Woods Godparents Catherine Jones.
Died of breast cancer.

In June 1917 Nurse Munnings moved to ‘Wangee’ at 163 George Street:
from 19 June 1917 = 36;
1918 = 52;
1919 = 61.

By 1921 her hospital was at ‘Montrose’ 13 Canning Street. She remained there until her death on 30 March 1934.

Nurse Munnings’ daughter Merle Pretoria (later Mrs John Brooke) assisted her mother in later years. Merle had trained as a midwife at the Queen Victoria Hospital. ‘Montrose’ continued as a maternity hospital for several years after Nurse Munnings died. 
177 1841 Census for Selby Rg 1281 folio 29 Paradise Square.
Matthew Harrison 55. Living with Richardmottashad 70, Elizabeth Mottashad 65, Sarah harrison 40, and children Thomas 15,a gardener, Mary 15, Harriet 13, Robert 8, and Sarah,4. 
178 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Matthew David HARRISON
179 8250 Michael HARRISON
180 Baptised St Josephs 7 Jan by Rev Hale Godparents Thomas Ryan and Mary Ann Fulham Michael HARRISON
181 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Michelle Dorothea HARRISON
182 Baptised St Josephs 1 Dec by Charles Woods Godparents John Burke and Bridget Stannard

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Instructed by the Public Trustee as Trustees of the Estate of
the Late Patrick Harrison:
All that weatherboard dwelling containing 4 main rooms,
verandah partly enclosed, and also enclosed verandah at the
rear. Outbuildings comprise shed and car shelter.
NOTE: The situation of the property is handy to the City
and shopping centre of Sandy Bay and should appeal to any-
one desiring a small home with immediate possession.
TITLE: General Law. 
183 CE O 523 Patrick HARRISON
184 Mercury 21 Oct 1943 Patrick HARRISON
185 26th Battalion AIF Percival Herbert HARRISON
186 Godmother Bridget Murray Percival Herbert HARRISON
187 Commended for trying to save a drowning man at the Risdon ferry in 1866 aged 10.

cedric St 1914 
188 Ref Mercury 6 Jan 2003
4 ch Paul; mathew,Anne-Marie Marcus 
Stephen Laurence HARRISON
189 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Steven Lyndhurst HARRISON
190 2345 Thomas HARRISON
191 Ancestor of Sylvia Scott Thomas HARRISON
192 Baptised St Josephs 28 Feb by Charles Woods Godparent Bridget Leech Said to have gone to India. 'Took racehorses to India'. Thomas HARRISON
193 Possible death 24 jan 1948 see Mercury 26 Jan. Thomas Henry HARRISON
194 D N 30 Victor Redmond HARRISON
195 fell off a horse. Violet May HARRISON
196 Wes G 1 Violet May HARRISON
197 CE KK 41 William Claude HARRISON
198 5 children William Henry HARRISON
199 Mercury 15 aug. William Henry HARRISON
200 RC AA 20 A William Henry HARRISON

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