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There are four family trees on this site. The descendants of James Harrison born Manchester England 1831 died Hobart Tasmania 1887. His families include, Morris, McCarthy, Skinner, Bevis, Connor, Hall, Healey, Lucas, Munnings, O'Neil, Patmore, Seaton, Simmons and Yung (Young).

The ancestry, relatives and descendants of Samuel Wright, born Swanlinbar Ireland 1834, died Stockdale Victoria Australia in 1916.This family includes Bessell, Bonde, Cummins, Eriksen, Gemmell, Hansen, Hean, Jasprizza, Jessen, Madsen, Shipperlee, Stephenson, Wardlaw, Whithead, Wilkinson and Wimp.

The ancestry and relatives of Vicki Esmonde-Morgan who has links to London, the Border areas of Scotland, Wexford in Ireland, Castle Hill in NSW and Townsville in Queensland. Her families include the Morgan, Barker, Black, Breakwell, Davis, Hughan, Jesson, Kentwell, Ryan, Moffat, Williams, and Dodds.

The fourth family is that of my grandfather Williams, Lyndhurst Mervyn, second husband of Mary Jane O'Neil. His great great grandmother was Frances Williams, a first fleet convict who gave birth to four children in Sydney and on Norfolk Island between 1789 and 1796.


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